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We are devoted to helping patients, doctors, growers and dispensaries become legal and stay legal in the complex and new arena of medical marijuana laws in Illinois. We help you to understand the new regulations and help to explain and simplify the process for state card holders, growers and dispensary ownership applications.

The new state laws are confusing, which is why you should rely on the help of a qualified legal team in order to avoid potential problems that may arise when exercising your state rights. Although medical marijuana will become legalized in Illinois starting in 2014, the laws are the strictest among the twenty states who have allowed marijuana use of any type. Possession of marijuana continues to be illegal in the majority of the United States, and remains illegal under federal law.

Introduction to Illinois Marijuana Laws

On August 1, 2013, the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn did the right thing to help many Illinois citizens in need. Illinois is now the 20th states, besides D.C., to legalize medical marijuana for patient use.

The new law allows the user no more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana over a two week period. This 2.5 ounce limit is for those who ingest it, not smoke it, such as in baked goods. It will also be vaporized in efficient aerosol devices.

Patients will shop at one of 60 dispensing centers throughout the state and are not allowed to grow their own. The cultivation process will be heavily monitored. There will be 22 cultivation centers registered within the state.

The law allows for a four-year pilot medical marijuana program starting January 1, 2014. To be eligible to take part in the program you must have a serious disease, such as cancer, HIV, MS, lupus, brain injury, etc. Locate a doctor in Central Illinois who understands the importance of marijuana as a viable medical tool for the treatment of your condition.

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This map shows where cultivation centers may be located. One per each State Police District, up to 22 in the state.

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